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Wings To Fly

With the potential to do anything, children are truly the voice of the future. Here at Havan, which means heaven for kids, we believe in the future of our world, and we know the children of the world will be creating that future. That is why we have taken it upon ourselves to have beautiful young souls create incredible artistic designs for our eco-friendly t-shirts. We gave these children a voice because we believe in them and their ability to be anything they want to be.

The kids who create the designs for our t-shirts come from shelters, with no other outlet than to dream and hope and wish. We wanted to give them a voice, and a chance to illustrate what is going on in their little hearts and minds. The wonderful kids that have created these designs are angelic souls who only wanted to communicate and illustrate what is going on deep down inside of them.

Our newest design, Wings To Fly, was created by a magnificent little girl named Tasha, who is 9 years old. Tasha, unfortunately, lives in a shelter. But, she felt the passion to create a design for us, and we welcomed her wonderful request! Her stunning design, Wings To Fly, is perfect for showcasing her hopes, dreams, and desires for the world! Tasha wanted everyone to know that they have wings to fly, and that everyone has the potential to do anything that they choose to do!

 The reality is that this world is full of heartache and sadness, but it is also filled with beauty and love if you know where to look. Tasha and all of these amazing kids have created t-shirt designs that will create positive energy, and echo out through time. In their own way, they have helped to change the world in their small, but very influential way.

F I R S T  C O L L A B O R A T I O N


Our Goal

All profit from “Wings to Fly” will go towards hiring a new teacher in 2018.

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My husband is quite particular about his clothes and I was a little apprehensive about his comments since I bought two of those T-shirts for him. But he immediately fell in love with the T-shirts and he was even more impressed when I told him about Havan Clothing! He has promised to inform his working colleagues about this and encourage them to get those T-shirts as well 

Truly, purchasing clothing has never been more heart-warming and satisfactory than this!

Gayathri Chandrakasan

- The best customer review EVER -

Fashion With A Purpose.

Shelter-home kids draw the art, we turn them into unique clothing designs.

When you buy clothing from Havan, you are directly recognizing kids’ creativity.




Fashion with a purpose:

Where fashion and art, has a beautiful heart!

We aim to empower kids through fashion. Discover the fashionable accessories designed to make a difference, and update your wordrobe through the power of community and purpose.





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