Who am I?

Who am I is an activity that teaches children to express themselves and learn who they are by describing themselves using pen and paper. The children are given support in drawing a self-portrait of the person they perceive themselves to be.

The activity gives these children the opportunity to describe their ideas, feelings, values, physical characteristics and other attributes about themselves through art.

The children also get to learn about each other as they share what they have drawn and written with their classmates. Sharing in an affirming environment instills in them a sense of ownership and belonging.

The Self Portrait Activity

The self-portrait aims at teaching the children to communicate how they view themselves through drawing or art. Since these children are not used to describing themselves and drawing images of themselves, our role is to create a purposeful learning environment by making the kids feel free and comfortable in expressing their creativity and by affirming their ideas and interests and letting them know that there is no right or wrong portrait.

Children are more likely to express themselves better through drawing than they can verbally, and we, therefore, use the information these children present in the self-portrait to help them build self-confidence; and to help them learn and understand more about themselves and each other.

During a subsequent lesson, the children are asked to create a life-size portrait of themselves. The purpose of engaging the children in drawing the life-size portrait is to take them through a different process of expressing and learning more about themselves. Engaging in the self-portrait activity a second time promotes the children’s development in that they are now able to communicate and express themselves in-depth and become more creative by presenting more content and be detailed about their thoughts, feelings, and ideas.

Benefits of Teaching Who Am I? 

Children tend to have unpleasant feelings or thoughts about their classmates especially during their first encounter or at the beginning of a new school year, for example. Some kids tend to mingle easily while others may feel like they are in the midst of strangers, and that no one really knows them or understands them.

The Who am I? activity teaches the children that they share some common characteristics, ideas, and feelings with a classmate. They get to learn a lot about each other that they would otherwise not be able to learn, and this teaches them to interact freely without judging each other.

It teaches the children to learn effectively about themselves and their peers by giving them an opportunity to talk about their emotions, ideas, values, strengths, and weaknesses in an affirming atmosphere.

We offer them appropriate support to enable them gain awareness into how to better handle themselves including their thoughts and their feelings.

Parting Shot!

If you love what we are doing with these children, do not hesitate to share your thoughts in the comments section. Your feedback will go a long way in making Havan Clothing realize it’s dream of enhancing the social emotional skills of the children living in the shelter home.


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