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With a social cause close to their heart and a passion for fashion, Havan Clothing creators Hany Cheng and Ivan Eng have combined both into one. Pronounced as “hair-ven”, Havan Clothing came from combining Hany and Ivan’s name together. It could be seen as a bit unusual for them to start their own clothing brand since Hany has a Masters in Counselling while Ivan has an MBA in Finance. But for them, it was far from it. Having been married for three years now, they believe they have found their calling.

What inspired this social initiative?

Ivan: When I was working for my previous company, they wanted to do a CSR event during Christmas where we bought gifts for the kids at a shelter home. My wife then expressed her concern that the visit can actually have a more negative impact on the kids as they were going to feel abandoned again. Since then, my wife decided to volunteer at the same kids’ shelter to slowly repair the damage done. With that, it was only natural for us to combine fashion and this social cause. I’ve always been a firm believer that businesses are meant to solve problems and this is what we’re trying to do.

Where did this clothing idea come from?

Ivan: During my university days, I’ve always wanted to start my own clothing line. At the time, I didn’t have the right resources. So I put off the idea and pursued my studies instead. After gaining 10 years of working experience and meeting my wife, it felt like the right time. Through her strong spirit of helping kids living in shelter homes, we came up with a perfect solution to address both issues. By connecting fashion and our social responsibility, this gives us a chance to help these kids in need.

Who designs your tees?

Hany: It all comes from the artwork of the kids of Hiichiikok Foundation in Sentul.

The designs can be seen on our website. Everything else is done in-house from sourcing fabrics to production.

How does this help the kids living in shelter homes?

Hany: Through our learning programme, it helps to empower them and to have more control over their own emotional intelligence. Academically, they would also be more knowledgeable as our learning programme helps with their EQ development. In a way, we’re trying to fill the gap in our education system by giving these kids more exposure to life before they leave the home when they turn 18.

Can you explain more about how purchasing an item can help hire more teachers?

Hany: For our latest design, the profits made from every tee sold will be set aside to fund the hiring and training of new teachers to help teach the kids on a regular basis. While it is true that we can source for volunteers but by doing so, the commitment towards the kids aren’t there and it will not be sustainable in the long run. By hiring new teachers, it also helps them earn some side income.



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