Every drawing tells a story.

All across the world, children face innumerable challenges and adversities that no child should have to face. That’s why our mission to turn children’s’ dreams and artistic expressions into clothing that can help their communities are so important.

 Recently, one of our lessons featured the film Moana—wherein a young girl defines her calling and pursues her dreams without ever giving up. After we watched the film, one boy, named CT (10 years old), drew a beautiful scene of flowers. We were practicing exercises that encouraged children to define their passions and purpose, just like Moana. CT said that the flowers in his drawing represented his wish to help the environment by planting trees and flowers—so people could enjoy the fresh air.

 It’s that kind of altruistic mindset that will turn today’s children into the leaders they need to be—so they can tackle whatever comes their way with confidence and grace. We’re so very proud of children like CT, and we’re honored to make Havan Clothing’s purpose the enlightenment and empowerment of children everywhere.

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