Parenting With Emotional Intelligence

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Topic: Parenting With Emotional Intelligence.

28th October 2018, or
18th November 2018

3pm – 5pm

Jaya One, The School. Petaling Jaya

In a world where “IQ gets you hired. EQ gets you promoted”; we understand EQ is an important element for us to be successful in our career and relationship. 

But, the questions are how can we apply the same EQ in parenting? Or, how can we instill the great values of EQ in our children at a very young age?

Join this workshop as we will share simple and effective steps to build your family’s EQ!

3 key takeaways from this workshop:
– How do children develop EQ?
– How can I improve my EQ as a parent?
– How do you raise an Emotionally Intelligent child?

Speaker: Hany Cheng (Licensed Counselor & Co-Founder of Havan)

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