Modal V Fabric is used in clothing like socks, underwear and pajamas. Despite being used in the making of a lot of clothing items, it may be new to many of us shoppers. Modal V fabric is a type of a rayon fabric that is made from the fibers of a beech tree. However  it is very different from rayon because that is made from the wood pulp of any tree as compared to modal V which is made from only beech wood. The material requires special care and handling so here are a few hacks that you need to know about to take care of your modal V fabric and make it look fresh.

Hand Wash or Machine Wash

The care instructions for modal V fabric are more or less similar to that of cotton and linen clothing. It can be washed in any temperature but be sure to read the tags and labels before tossing it in your machine. Technically the material can be washed by both hand and machine.

How do you do it?

• Wash your modal V clothing using warm water, on a gentle cycle and give it a cool rinse after that. The amount of detergent that is needed for your machine and laundry’s load size should be used. Although rayon usually shrinks in the machine and crinkles a lot, modal maintains its quality and remains durable and strong even when it is wet.

• Modal is very sensitive to dyes and chemical products so avoid using chlorine and bleaches while washing it.

•To prevent any embellishments or prints on your clothing from melting, avoid washing it on high temperatures despite the fact that the material can withstand any temperature.

Can Modal V clothes be dry cleaned?

It is generally safer to dry clean this fabric, but it can be machine or hand washed as well.

How to iron Modal V fabric?

Some of the modal V clothes may wrinkle excessively after washing according to how they are woven and constructed. Modal V fabric should be ironed using a low to medium heat settings and it should be done when the material is a little damp for a crisp finish. For extra protection, use a pressing cloth between the iron and the fabric. To avoid the wrinkles on your clothes after washing them, you should store them in your closet by hanging them properly.


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