The world is constantly changing and as it changes, the need for more innovators and entrepreneurs is also increasing. People are learning about entrepreneurship and starting businesses every day.

As parents, it would be important to make our kids part of the entrepreneurial revolution by equipping them with entrepreneurship mindset, knowledge and skills. This is because nurturing kids to become entrepreneurs not only gives them good life skills, but it also teaches them valuable skills such as how to become doers, how to become tough, and how to work collaboratively with others.

At Havan School, we believe that EQ classes should include teaching kids about entrepreneurial skills as young as they are.

Objectives of Entrepreneurship Lessons


  • To impart entrepreneurial knowledge and skills to the children at the shelter home with the aim of nurturing growth, a business mindset, and enabling them to work effectively with others.
  • To create an experiential entrepreneurship environment for the kids
The Journey of Nurturing an Entrepreneurial Skill Set

In the spirit of creating an enabling entrepreneurial environment, the entrepreneurship lesson involves spending 1 hour for 4 weeks just guiding the kids to plan for their selling project. It starts with brainstorming the ideas using 5W1H questions, which entail who to sell to, what to sell, where to sell, when to sell, why, and how to sell.

During the brainstorming stage, the children are taught how to voice out their ideas (including the silly or non-logical ones). They are also taught how not to ban others’ ideas by encouraging them to create a safe place for everyone to contribute.

Once that is achieved, they are tasked to do idea filtering based on logical sense with the aim of helping them to reach a consensus amongst themselves. The kids are then asked to validate those ideas outside the classroom. They do this by presenting their business ideas to their teachers and friends, and then seek for feedback.

Finally, they get to consolidate the feedback and polish the idea with more details such as the cost, selling price, profit margin, best venue and time to sell, as well as the marketing strategy to use.

Why Entrepreneurship Should be Included in School Curriculum

  • Enables learners to not only think creatively, but also ambitiously.
  • Entrepreneurial knowledge equips students with the ability to nurture unconventional skills and talents because they get to learn how to think outside the box.
  • Helps young kids to develop initiative, be more creative, be self confident in their endeavors, and behave in a socially responsible manner.
  • It creates unending opportunities for the students.
  • Equips learners with skills and innovative thinking thus enabling them to work through the modern day challenges in the workplace.
In conclusion….

Skills associated with entrepreneurs, for instance money management, financial literacy and interpersonal communications are very relevant and beneficial to you as parents, as well as your kids.

Research shows that when kids are taught subjects that can be applied to real-life situations such as the ones mostly associated with entrepreneurs, they tend to become more interested in education and more willing to learn in the long-run.


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