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How it started

The name “Havan” is derived from Hany & Ivan – the couple who loves connecting with children.

Hany, a child counsellor by profession, stresses the importance of developing a child’s EQ from a young age.

Since 2016, she has been volunteering her time at a children’s shelter home to provide free EQ lessons to the children aged between 7-12 years old.

Over 4 months of teaching and learning with the children, she noticed positive changes among them.  

It made her believe that those lessons should continue so that they can benefit more children.

Ivan too witnessed the impact and was fueled by his passion for empowering the children in a positive way. Furthermore, he adored the children and their creativity and believes that they should be recognized and appreciated by the adults.

As an MBA graduate, Ivan believes that a business is meant to solve a social problem.

Thus, Havan Clothing was born to transform a child’s creative expression to valuable acceptance simply through printing their artwork on fashionable pocket-tees.

Havan Clothing is a social enterprise that serves 2 main purposes.

First, Havan Clothing aims to connect adults and children.

Children often communicate their world through art. However, adults may unwittingly disregard and underestimate the meaning behind it, resulting in the children feeling unappreciated and unacknowledged.

Havan Clothing hopes to inspire adults to stay connected with the children. By infusing their genuine artwork with our daily lives, adults can learn to appreciate and recognize the value of a child’s creation.

Secondly, part of the sales made by Havan Clothing will be channelled to fund the EQ lessons for shelter home children.

Hany & Ivan have a strong belief that developing a high EQ community cannot be done without the support of the community itself. Therefore, sufficient funds are needed to continue to develop and spread EQ lessons to more children.

Havan Clothing leaves the creative direction entirely up to the children while the company focuses solely on ensuring the printing, fabric, and cutting are of optimal quality, coupled with fair prices. 



Fashion with a purpose:

Where fashion and art, has a beautiful heart!

We aim to empower kids through fashion. Discover the fashionable accessories designed to make a difference, and update your wordrobe through the power of community and purpose.





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